Slow Female Orgasms Video

Hi guys :-) It’s Megan. Today, I wanted to talk about slow female orgasms video. If you read one of my other articles, I think I talked about if you want to get a girl to have an orgasm, you’ve got to let her get comfortable and take your time. Now, if you want to get a video of her having an orgasm, that might be tougher than getting her to actually HAVE an orgasm as impossible as that might seem…lol :D.

But to me, when Thor starts in on those nice easy slow strokes, I can relax and focus on the sensations I’m getting. I even chant to myself as he is going in and out of me — RUB, RUB, RUB. And if he goes all the way out and all the way back in, I say to myself, BIG KITTY, LITTLE KITTY, BIG KITTY, LITTLE KITTY.(In case you are wondering, I don’t say what you think when I am getting it anally :P ) Either way, with the sensation of a vibrator on my clit and a slow and steady drilling so to speak…OMG…, I’m going to have an orgasm.

I wish that in porn that they showed more girls getting it that way and showed them actually having REAL orgasms. I think it would provide a service to all of the guys who actually watch them. It’s no wonder that a lot of girls don’t cum during sex. They are not being fucked the right way.

You can’t really blame the guys, girls, you’ve got to first of know what you like and what sends you over the edge. After that, you’ve got to tell him what works. I can tell you what works for me and that is Thor taking his time, nice and slow, back and forth, in and out. With a vibe on my clit, that’s the formula that gives me an orgasm. Now about that video… :p

Take care everyone,

Hugs and kisses,

Megan <3


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