Orgasm Video

Hi everyone=) I was really naughty today and made an orgasm video for Thor. We are traveling and the hotel room that we have has one of those tubs that has those awesome little thingies in them — those jets. Oh my :O! I love those so much and when I see them in the tub, I actually go a little weak in the knees kinda like I’m looking at Brad Pitt or something. I first found my love affair with the bathtub water faucet several years ago. Although I was a pretty naive girl, I figured out that if you ran that stream of water in just the right spot — POW! BANG! BANG!

I know how much Thor loves a good female orgasm video and thought he might enjoy watching a homemade, amateur style one of me. I kinda got in the mood as I was talking to a girlfriend of mine today who told me something really, really naughty (I thought I was bad) and that was that she had her eyes on a girl she knew. She had mentioned she found girls attractive before but other than that one time in college, had never acted on it. She was so excited because I think she thinks that this girl is the one that she just might get a chance to fulfill her fantasy with.

All I could say was OMG!

We texted for a while and when we were done, I thought, I have got to have an orgasm and get off right now. Then, I saw the video camera laying there and thought I’d make a free orgasm video for my baby <3. He’ll be thrilled when he finds me on his hard drive and it didn’t even cost him $39 bucks a month to download me. I’m so nice.

I got the camera setup so that it could see me while I was in the tub and I closed my eyes and started thinking about being the girl my friend is going to be with. We’d start by going into the bedroom and modeling some lingerie. I know looking at those nighties on me in the mirror always gets my kitty wet. It would probably start by some innocent adjusting of the straps on our clothes. I’d probably have some goosebumps cuz I would be really, really nervous. Especially, if she looked me in the eye and could tell I knew what she was going to do to me.

A real orgasm video is a breeze to make if you do what I do and that is forget it’s there because I was so wrapped up in the blast of pleasure building up between my legs. By the time my fantasy got to her softly kissing me, I couldn’t take it anymore and came really, really hard:D!

I think Thor wondered what got into me when he got back and I had the computer fired up, totally naked in the bed ready to pounce on him like a kitty cat in heat. I told him I had a surprise for him and started the video where he could watch and slipped him inside of me. When he saw the video, I made him cum when I did. I’m sure he wondered what got into me, such a horny little girl I am=).

Talk soon everyone.

Hugs ‘n kisses,

Megan <3

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