Blonde Orgasm

Hey guys! 🙂 It’s Megan. This was a special month for my boyfriend Thor. It’s his birthday and I asked him what he wanted. He and I share the same fetish which is orgasms. He told me he he also has a thing for blondes and wanted to see a blonde orgasm — of my bff Susie no less! After I punched him in the shoulder for thinking dirty thoughts about my her, I had to admit to him that I had seen Susie have an orgasm before during a three way once back in college. That’s when he hit me on the shoulder! OK. We both deserved it;)

I told him that watching a blond orgasm was just like watching lil Megan have an orgasm. Then I told him that my friend was a true blonde through and through if you know what I mean! He knew what I meant by that but I also know that she was clean shaven now because she and I had just gone to the spa and had a Brazilian wax done. I told him to that at our day at the spa that she asked me to feel how smooth her little kitty was. (It was;) ) and little excited I would have to say…nothing else happened but she did get me worked up and I took it out on Thor later.

Now that he knew what happened, he had visions of blonde orgasms in his head. I can’t blame him because I did too. And before you know it, Thor was seeing AND FEELING a brunette orgasm. MMMmmm. OK. So we took care of that!

In the meantime, I thought I would do what I could do to fulfill his fantasy.

The next day I called Susie to set up a lunch and before you know it I was spilling the beans about what Thor had told me about wanting to see a blonde girl orgasm. She was not only intrigued by the idea, it made her excited to hear what I had to tell her and more than happy to oblige. I could tell her by the twinkle in her eye that she had dirty little plan formulating in her head. After lunch we headed over to her apartment without telling me her plan until we got there.

Once inside, she took me inside to her bedroom and went into her closet. That’s when she took off her clothes and put on a sexy little nightie. She cast me a sexy little grin and said follow me. I did as I was told and the next thing I knew she was handing me a video camera. She explained that the first thing we should do is give him an early birthday present of a “blonde orgasm video” while I decided if I wanted him to see the real thing in person. MMMhmmm…what an excellent idea. She showed me how to work the camera and led me by the hand to her bedroom. She laid on the bed and I sat down in the chair at the end of it and started the camera. She then reached into her nite stand and got out two toys. Both of them were vibrators. One was a pocket rocket and one was what looked like a homemade dildo. She smiled when she saw the perplexed look on my face and explained that it was a replica of one of her boyfriends cock that she made from a Clone-A-Willy kit he bought for her on HER birthday. I could see that she has some experience with NAUGHTY birthday surprises.

She then laid back and closed her eyes and started masturbating in a way that I hadn’t seen before. She used the vibrator on her clit and simultaneously worked the clone-a-willy in her little box. I was getting excited to say the least and could feel my squishy little kitty getting all hot and warm. Before I knew it, she pushed herself over the edge and I got to see a blonde screaming orgasm for real!

I caught my breath and was quite taken by the boldness of it all and told her so. She said I’d seen it before, bringing up our threesome, and told me not to be so bashful and shy. She then put the memory card that was in the camera and put it in a case. She labelled it – “Cute Blonde Has A Hot Orgasm”. How sexy. She leaned in and gave me a gentle kiss. I enjoyed it but told her to wait until later for the real thing. She made me promise which I gladly did.

I told her that I would give her a full report later. I am running out of time here tonight, so I’ll report back to you as well soon!

Take care,

Hugs and kisses,

Megan <3


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